I am a practitioner of Chinese Medicine – Herbalism, Acupuncture, Chinese Nutrition and Tuina,  I also specialise in Yang Sheng ‘Nurturing Life’ Face Reading and Facial Diagnosis.

For the past 30 years I have been teaching the skills of Chinese Medicine at Graduate and Post-graduate level both in Ireland and internationally.

One of my big passions is the art of Yang-Sheng or “Nurturing Life”, based on the ancient philosophy of living in harmony with the world and yourself. Food and lifestyle being the focus. This is linked to the areas of rejuvenation which is another passion of mine and the subject of my new book Nourishing Life The Yang Sheng Way Nutrition and Lifestyle Advice from Chinese Medicine.

Explore my website and discover a whole new world of healing and well-being, through tried-and-tested methods used by Chinese healers for thousands of years.

It is important that you feel comfortable and reassured coming in for your treatments so I have taking steps in accordance with HSE guidelines to ensure your safety and well-being.

Face Reading and Facial Diagnosis

Face Reading

Face Reading and its importance as a diagnostic tool in clinic. The face is a very valuable tool to help us understand the physiology of the body. This ancient technique used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years not only helps us understand someone’s health but also their personality, likes and dislikes, abilities and passions.

Nourishing Life the Yang Sheng Way

My new book Nourishing Life The Yang Sheng Way Nutrition and Lifestyle advice from Chinese Medicine published by Singing Dragon is now available in all good bookshops and online.

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