Chinese Nutrition is not just about the biochemical nature of foods like in the West. It is about balance and harmony, as well as the properties and energies of each individual item of food and combinations of foods, taking into consideration the seasons, method of cooking and geographical location in which they are grown.

In Chinese nutrition it is believed that you should eat all types of foods in moderation in order to guarantee that you get all the nutrients you need for optimum health. It is important not to limit yourself to only a few foods, because in doing that, you are also limiting your nutritional intake.
Even if a food is considered a very healthy food to eat, if you are struggling with an illness or a certain condition it may not be the best food for you to eat right now.

Food is considered medicinal and is our first defence against disease. As we eat every day, we have a chance to feed our bodies what we need to prevent disease. What we eat feeds our cells, making energy to make new cells, blood and energy (Qi). Food helps the body to grow strong and healthy, and if we are recovering from illness or dealing with a condition, it is food that can help us in our healing.